AdHitProfits Owner Scolds AdziBiz On YouTube Viedo

Owner Charles Scoville says let’s play fair.
AdHitProfits VS Adzibiz


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AdziBiz Introduction – New and Rising Rev Share Competing With AdHitProfits

AdziBiz Introduction – New and Rising Rev Share

Sometime it’s urgent for you to diversify and not to put all your eggs in one basket only. If you’re in the looking for another new but good and promising passive income programs, this is the perfect time for you to take a look at AdziBiz. This program has just launched on last June 22, 2013. So we’re talking about the right momentum here.

This post is an introduction to a new program which is the 1st true and 100% clone of AdHitProfits (AHP). I will create a dedicated guides for this program later.

Who Owns AdziBiz?

According to Robert Apina (Admin of AdziBiz), he spent around $8,500 on AdziBiz site design and the development of the program. We can clearly see the results of it; a nice site design and a flawless program.

There are some reasons why you have to consider joining AdziBiz:

  • $39 per ad pack/directory listing and get guaranteed 1,000 link hits (cheaper than AHP’s $45).
  • Earn 128% ROI per ad pack, capping up a $50 return per ad pack(better than AHP’s 125% ROI).
  • Earn 10% commissions on all referrals’ purchases and re-purchases.
  • 100% passive income, you are guaranteed to earn even if you don’t have referrals (but if you refer others, you will earn more income).
  • Earn 100% shared revenues and see your cash balance grows every 30 minutes!
  • NEWLY launched. Some members report that in these early days they earn up to 45% daily ROI* (my first ad packs that I’ve purchased 6 hours ago has earned me 28% ROI so far!)
  • Newly added STP beside the already accepted Payza, EgoPay, PM and OKPay. Since most members use STP, this means that more members are going to join and/or purchase more ad packs, which also means more shared profits and higher daily ROI for all of us!
(*) The ROI figure above is not a fixed one and is not guaranteed to give the same results every day. Daily ROIs depend on how much sales made and how much revenues shared in any given day.
As explained on AdziBiz’s Start Guide pages, there are TWO WAYS TO MAKE MONEY in this program:


Here is the easiest way to earn money without recruiting and experience: just purchase ad pack(s) that costs $39 each*. You can earn up to $50 (128%). You can purchase unlimited number of campaigns (ad packs).

You will get share in 100% sales revenue from each ad pack and Advertising Campaign that our program sells. You do not need to refer anyone to earn. This is a truly, 100% passive and long term income opportunity.


To learn more about AdHitProfits go to my blog @ AdHitProfitsReview

Newsletter about Adzibiz & AdHitProfits


I just wanted to get a special update out today just to follow up with
one of the programs that I recommended called AdziBiz.It’s not often
that decent programs come along so when they do we need
to make the most of them while they last.
It’s hard to pick these programs as we joined two ( UTS and AdziBiz ) and
UTS has gone in the reverse direction and has slowed considerably as
compared to when it first started WHILE AdziBiz has kept the momentum and
is growing in strength from day to day.
To m this is the one to diversify into if you are looking for something apart
from AdHitProfits.
There is a lot of progress being seen as well with the admin opening up an
official Skype room as well as other enhancements to the site and more to
come from what he said.
Payments are done daily and while not instant like AdHitProfits, they are being paid
quick enough.
Here are some of the daily profits from this program and I am sure that you
would agree that they look very healthy indeed:
JUNE 22ND : 22.0%JUNE 23RD : 37.0%JUNE 24TH : 53.4%JUNE 25TH : 19.2%

JUNE 26TH : 22.8%

JUNE 27TH : 10.5%

JUNE 28TH : 16.8%

Already today is shaping up to be a 10% + day although we should expect
weekends to be a bit slower.
For those already involved, you can’t say that you are not enjoying yourselves
but just make sure that you pull out your seed money and play with the
profits at some point….i.e…follow a good strategy.
Be smart and balance to make sure you don’t only withdraw all but also
put some back in to ensure that you keep earning.
For those who have sat by and watch this one progress, you should really
think about giving it a go…even if it is to purchase 1-2 positions, pull your
seed money and then play with the profits….it’s still worth getting into.
At the rate this is moving, you ought to recover your seed m0ney and be in
profit in a reasonably short period of time.
As usual, feel free to contact me for any help/advice with any of these
programs and I will be in contact with updates on all of the other programs
Do enjoy the rest of your weekend.
 My partner has a friend that keeps him updated with the best info about Revenue and Profit Sharing Programs and this content came from his newsletter. Use your own due diligence  because we are just sharing information.

Make Unlimited Profits AdziBiz Out Performs AdHitProfits For Now

AdHitProfits VS Adzibiz

Make Unlimited Profits with AdziBiz

No Recruiting & No Experience & Easy & Fun!

# Split 100% Profits from advertising sold to all members.

# $39 to start generating cash flow & Earn Max $50.00 (128%) Each Share.

# Guaranteed 1,000 visitors to your website each share purchased.

# Unlimited Purchase & Re-purchase to get more share earnings and traffic.

# Unlimited to Add Business directory listing.

# Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ready that Never Expire.

# Get Paid Instantly on Referral Program, 10% for EVERY Purchase & repurchases.

# Free Programs review page & Network Exchange (SEO Supported).

# Plus much more.

# Payza, OKPay, EgoPay and Perfect Money Accepted

# Simple compensation plan and already proven, will pay you 128% of your share value.

# You will get share in 100% sales revenue from each Ad pack and Advertising Campaign that    AdziBiz sells. You do not need to refer anyone to earn. This is a truly, 100% passive and long term incolme opportunity.

Secure Your Position Now:

We Also Have A Position With AdHitProfits

Have A Blessed Day, Make Money & Have Some Fun


AdziBiz Takes The Lead For Revenue Sharing Over AdHitProfits


Now we are seeing a surge in profits coming from AdziBiz. We have found that the profit and revenue sharing companies vary in the ups and downs sharing.

Most people won’t do what I am about to ask them to do…that is watch a 30+ minute video of the owner of AdHitProfits where he does a comprehensive update of AdHitProfits and then he takes questions for about 25 minute. This is good for your folks that have already signed up and also your prospects that are still kicking the tires.

We still have not found out the owner of AdziBiz, all we get is that the owner is a group of investors. My question is why do they need investors since all they are doing is sharing the profits.

One other fact is that I use Payza an AdziBiz charges 6% fee when you purchase a share. Add that to the 3.5% that Payza charges to add the money to their account and you start out paying 9.5% before you even get started making money. To be fair, AdziBiz does use OKPay that does not charge when you purchase shares. I have not signed up for OKPay yet.

Most of these funding companies do have an affiliate program so be sure to take advantage.

My final point is that I still say that AdHitProfits is the one that I feel the best about with AdziBiz coming in 2nd. There are some that I joined but with small amounts of money: InternetEvolving  ComboAdProfits  AddWallet  We will post more tomorrow.

Here is the “MUST WATCH” video.

AdziBiz Clones AdHitProfits & Gets Momentum For Now But ADH Makes Major Announcement

Yesterday AdHitProfits only paid about $1.50 and in the same time period AdziBiz paid about $4.50…BUT…AdHitProfits makes a major announcement that they will start PAY PER CLICK ON  FRIDAY THE 28TH OF JUNE 2013.

Here is the link for my sites for both companies: AdHitProfits & AdziBiz   People may ask why I joined both companies. The simple answer is that a start up company usually pays more at the beginning. 

In addition to that, you need some company to market because you are purchasing advertising space on each company. Therefore I market the companies on each other’s website.

Here is the latest webinar of AdHitProfits by the Owner Charles Scoville. By the way, I think AdHitProfits can be described as “The McDonalds of Revenue Sharing” and I will put my money one them for the long term. After all, which other company like this do you know the owner of?

Charles does a webinar daily at 3PM Eastern and takes all questions afterwards. Here is the replay: